To deliver impactful results from the wellness travel market that drive your business forward


Through passion, drive and integrity, I help companies grow to maximize their full potential from within the wellness travel sector

Core Values

A commitment to Inspire, Innovate & Impact are my guiding principles for success each and every day

Principal – Cheryl MacKinnon

Cheryl MacKinnon is quirky, creative, passionate and dynamic.

The principal of CtoC Productions, Cheryl MacKinnon, is creative, passionate and thorough in everything she does. With personal high expectations, she looks for nothing less in her interactions with and on behalf of her clients.

Years of experience, vision and now wisdom finds Cheryl noted as one of the first to embark down a path of wellness travel and tourism marketing in Canada and especially in British Columbia. Always working to ensure her clients’ needs are clearly defined, complemented by clear plans and budgets, Cheryl manages her deliverables with on-site teams as together everyone works to grow her clients’ wellness travel market share while increasing revenues.

A respected industry leader, Cheryl has worked within hospitality and tourism for over 30 years, most recently with an emphasis on wellness travel, always clearly demonstrating powerful results, by thinking outside of the box.

Cheryl MacKinnon

“My paternal grandfather told me at a very young age that I should pursue a career in the hotel industry, because he saw and appreciated my ability to make people feel welcome with my own brand of cheer and hospitality. After a 30-plus year career as a hospitality marketing leader and a travel media personality, I would love to tell him how it all turned out. I think he’d be proud.

From the get-go, I learned that I am an innovator with integrity, able to split my loyalties equally between my clients and their audience, or with my editorial outlets and our audiences, without ever compromising either.”

About Cheryl

Entrepreneurship is in Chery’s DNA. Considered a dynamic hospitality and tourism executive by her peers and clients, Cheryl has a forte for managing multi-faceted projects, partnerships, and people.

With a career start as an Executive Travel Coordinator to ultimately opening Whistler Resort as a year round destination, Cheryl went on to provide outsourced marketing, business development and communications for the past 25 years to clients including Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts nationally, to the opening of Rogers Arena (formerly General Motors Place) and most recently in the wellness and Indigenous travel sectors in British Columbia like Sparkling Hill Resort, Painted Boat Resort and Lund Resort at Klah ah men.

Cheryl’s work in tourism has also put her at the forefront of travel journalism, where she has earned numerous award nominations as one of Canada’s leading travel hosts and writers working in television, radio, online and print with Shaw Media, Corus Entertainment and Rogers Media.